- Graphic Designer - Paris

Having graduated ENSAAMA Oliviers de Serres' Art School in Paris, and Maximilien Vox' Highschool of Applied Arts before that: I have loved pretty things for a long time. The principle of design, whatever the area of expertise, being that it reconciles the practical with the beautiful, made my professional orientation an easy choice!

At present, I work independently as a freelance designer, consuming an unconceivable amount of tea with more honey that I would care to admit, in order to conceive all your amazing projects wherever you may be. Originally specialized in print and visual identity, I since have added a few tools to my belt such as web design, User Interface design (UI for those in the know) and a sprinkle of code (HTML, CSS and Javascript).

So, if you are in need of a logo for your dog grooming business, a poster for your incoming yoga retreat, a dashboard for your new finance app, or yet again a website for your mushroom-themed restaurant venture, please do leave me a note here and let's make pretty things together!