Bunch'm is a mobile app facilitating event planning such as birthdays, weddings as well as seminars. The app contains functions such as a chat specific to each event, forms, polls and the ability to manage and organize different activities within an event. Today, Bunch'm is a practical valued tool for wedding-planners and businesses alike, whose objective is to organize larger-scale meet-ups.


Following the success of Bunch'm's mobile version, its users were keen to get a pro offer on web/desktop in order to make the tool even more accessible and efficient in planning events with a large amount of guests (seminars, conferences, etc). It became necessary to create a kind of dashboard, allowing the organizers a simple and swift access to all the information regarding the event, while staying true to the mobile version.


I created a dashboard graphically similar to the app to ensure a smooth transition from one to the other for the users. It is divided in three principal tabs : the event itself, the chat and the photos. As opposed to the app, the event tab's interface enables the organizer to find the event's infos, the guests' list, the activities, the forms and the urgent messages on the same page with a single glance. This panoramic view of functionalities facilitates the users' approach to the tool.

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