Tout s'écoute



"Tout s'écoute" (literally "everything can be listened to") is an organisation whose goal is to help young musicians, from all background and genre, to connect with their audience by organizing themed concerts. Rock, metal, jazz, funk, ... Each event, in partnership with different Parisian venues, focuses on one specific musical style and allows loyal spectators to discover new bands, as well as genres and sounds out of their usual repertoire.


The main strength of the organisation being their broad-mindedness and variety of taste, the branding couldn't visually refer to one musical genre over another. Since the logo had to be used for each event, I had to find a graphic solution that could work with any style of concert and its communication, while still showing "Tout s'écoute's" passion for music.


I created an impactful logo using a combination of all capital letters and a bold type. The (sound) waves lead the eye towards the text (Tout s'écoute) and connect with the latter, expressing the organisation's musical ambitions. With the logo comes a series of patterns, each representing one or several genres, bringing a sense of visual cohesion from one concert to the next, no matter the theme.

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