« Furies » is a circus and street performance festival created in 1990. The event is scheduled every year in June in Chalons-en-Champagne. What makes this festival special is that it is not limited to one specific venue, it spreads around the city thanks to happenings and performances on street corners. Therefore, the event is accessible to all, even spontaneously, allowing surprise encounters and meetings.


As a participant of a design contest, I was asked to design « Furies » festival's printed programme. Besides all the information needed for spectators such as time, place and a summary of performances, we had to think of a way to communicate the city's buzzing atmosphere during the event while still keeping the product practical.


I created a folded programme with a thin paper and a particular format allowing festival-goers to put it in their pockets. This way, it can be used as an on-the-go guide to look for an impromptu show as people walk around Chalons. I also made the lay-out ascending and dynamic in order to translate the joy associated with street performances and circus arts.

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