Anatole Pigot is a young french filmmaker whose work is infused with a fantastic and mysterious atmosphere. After "The Abducter", a first short film, he writes and directs "Upyr", named after the main character, a solitary vampire and animal lover repulsed by the violence he must perpetrate in order to feed himself. Oupyr, meaning ghoul in Russian, is according to Slavic mythology a blood-thirsty creature attacking humans.


As an allusion to the Slavic origins of Upyr, the director wanted to figure the poster's title in Cyrillic. I therefore had to create a typography blending characters that are already graphically strong to the occidental eye to visual codes of fantastic and horror movies. Since the title still had to be readable by all, I also had to include its french translation to the poster.


I created a modular typography of which the Cyrillic characters can be built with pre-established shapes, resulting in a visually cohesive ensemble. The title's style is defined by two ornamental elements : the blood drops dripping on the letters for the horror reference, and the bubbles bringing a vintage and fantastic aspect to the whole. For the french subtitle, I chose an existing type whose shapes are similar to the ones I used in the main title.

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